The Top 3 Times Kohli Lost His Cool on the Cricket Field

Cricket player Virat Kohli is well known for his aggressive behavior on the field, which frequently gets him in the news.

While many fans admire his fiery personality, it can occasionally lead to arguments with opposing players and spectators. 

Here are five instances from live games where Kohli’s fierce side was clearly on display.

Virat Kohli aggression

1. Kohli vs Rubel: A Clash During the 2011 Cricket World Cup

During the 2011 Cricket World Cup, Indian batsman Virat Kohli faced off against Bangladeshi bowler Rubel Hussain in a thrilling match.

Tensions between the two players had been building since their under-19 cricket days, and it all came to a head during the match.

Rubel bowled a ball that seemed to irritate Kohli during his turn at the bat. An argument broke out between Kohli and the Bangladeshi bowler after the latter retaliated by using some foul language.

Despite the tense situation, Kohli maintained his concentration and continued his impressive batting. He even went on to score a century, which helped India win the match.

This intense clash between the two players demonstrated not only the emotional intensity and rivalry that can arise in sports, but also the skill and determination of a great athlete like Virat Kohli.

2. 2013 IPL Match: Kohli-Gambhir Heated Argument

In the 2013 Indian Premier League, a high-stakes match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore took an ugly turn when Virat Kohli, who was playing for the latter team, got into a heated argument with Kolkata’s captain Gautam Gambhir.

Kohli was bowled out by Laxmipathy Balaji’s delivery, but instead of heading back to the pavilion, he approached the bowler and began conversing with him. This enraged Gambhir, who confronted Kohli on the field, and the situation quickly became heated.

Their teammates tried to intervene and calm them down after they were seen exchanging words. However, the dispute continued until Rajat Bhatia, another Kolkata player, intervened and calmed down the situation. The incident created a tense atmosphere on the field, with fans and commentators alike stunned by the two players’ sudden outburst of aggression.

Following the match, both players ignored the incident, claiming it was just a minor disagreement that occurred during the heat of the game. However, the incident sparked a lot of debate and discussion in the cricketing world, with many criticizing both players’ on-field behavior. While on-field fights are not uncommon in cricket, the incident involving Kohli and Gambhir served as a reminder of the importance of players keeping their cool and upholding the spirit of the game.

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3. Kohli-Johnson Clash: A Heated Exchange During India’s Tour of Australia

During India’s 2013 tour of Australia, Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian cricket team, got into a heated argument with Australian fast bowler Mitchell Johnson during the third test match in Melbourne. The incident occurred in the 83rd over of India’s innings, when Johnson threw the ball towards the stumps and it struck Kohli. Kohli had just walked out of the crease at the time, and Johnson’s fast throw narrowly missed hitting him.

Johnson apologized and went to check on Kohli to see if he was okay. However, the two collided again during the final ball of the over, when the ball went beyond the boundary line and into the street. Johnson then began taunting Kohli, but the Indian captain responded appropriately. During the post-match press conference, Kohli was asked about the incident and stated that he would not tolerate any type of bad behavior.

This incident involving Kohli and Johnson quickly became the talk of the town, dominating the headlines of numerous news outlets. Many cricket experts praised Kohli for maintaining his cool and acting with sportsmanship during the incident. The game went on without any more incidents, despite the conflict between the two players. Australia eventually won by six wickets.

Final Thoughts

Virat Kohli’s aggressive behavior on the field is well-documented and has long been a topic of debate in the cricketing world. While some fans admire his passion and competitive spirit, others believe that his outbursts harm the spirit of the game. 

These three incidents highlight Kohli’s tendency to let his emotions get the best of him, which can lead to disputes with opposing players and fans. However, Kohli has also displayed moments of grace and sportsmanship on the field.

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