Top 10 India’s Fastest Bowler All Time

Cricket has been gaining most of the attention compared to other sports for a very long time. You can easily imagine its popularity by analyzing that it’s more famous than the national sport of India.

The players who do batting get more love from people.

Now things have little changed, and bowlers are getting attention too. The reason bowling gets the spotlight is when players start amazing people with their skills.

Top 10 India’s Fastest Bowler

Here, we are going to discuss the bowling players who gained attention and made bowling popular with skills.

1. Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah Fastest Bowler

Bumrah, with his 153.36 km/h record, holds the top position on our list. In his debut in year 2015–2016, he proved what his bowling skills could do.

He also holds the reward of beating countries teams like Australia, England, and South Africa and only in same year by taking 5 wickets. Seeing Jasprit bowling in the field is like a moment of magic for his fans.

2. Umran Malik

Umran Malik Fastest Blogger

Umran holds the record of 157 km/hr, and he is a J&K-based bowler who was born on 22 November 1999. He made his Indian presentation in a T20 match. 

He got lucky when Sunrise Hyderabad chose him as a replacement player. His bowling is right-arm fast, and his batting is left-hand. He began competing for India in year 2021–2022, bowling at the top of his ability.

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3. Javagal Srinath:

People watched his bowling skills on an international stage in the year 1999, and he got a record of speed 154 KMPH. Many new cricketers still like to watch his previous best matches to learn a little about the skills he has.

Fans continue to adore Javagal for his bowling skills, even though he is now retired. He is the only one who has owned 300 wickets in the platform of international ODI.

4. Irfan Pathan:

 Irfan Pathan fastest swing bowlers

Irfan is one of the players who set high standards for Indian bowlers and made a record of 153.7 km/hr. He came as an emerging player in the 2004 year. He is the only first player who takes the 3 wickets in the first over time of the test match.

He is not only famous for his bowling but also batting form the starting of his career. In the year 19 he received the national call-up for having a tour in Australia.

5. Ishant Sharma:

Ishant Sharma all time fastest

One of the youngest player who is right-arm fast in bowling is Ishant Sharma. His record is 152.6 km/h. He was the driving force behind India’s victory at the Lord’s in 2014.

He is the reason behind the winning of India in the Lord’s in year 2014. He played the match strongly against Ricky Ponting the richest and most popular cricketer in December 2011 year. He made his debut only at the age of 18.

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6. Mohammad Shami:

Mohammad Shami Fstest IPL Bowler

Shami player has a similar name to the payer who is the first Indian fastest bowler Mohammad Nissar. The record of his bowling is 153.3 km/hr.

He is the first player who takes 100 wickets in ODI. He is also known as a skilled batsman currently. He isn’t from an extremely rich family, however, presently he has made his name as a famous bowler or batsman and has turned into a quick bowler after only a couple of fabulous matches.

7. Varun Aaron:

Varun Aaron bowler

Varun owned the title of a speedster, and he was a right-arm fast. His jump like a deer helps him to do the bowling very fast. His name always comes from the list of fastest bowlers. He has a record of 152.5 km/hr.

His first claps debut was in 2009-09. He also faced a lot of injuries, and because of this a lot of time he missed the chance to show his bowling skills again and again. He is also one of the players who get a national call-up.

8. Navdeep Saini:

Navdeep Saini bowler

Navdeep has set 152.85 km/hr in the fastest bowling record. In the year 2019, Saini debuted at the international stage.

He gets the name of a standby bowler. In four overs, he covered the goal of getting 3 wickets. Navdeep is a right-arm bowler who comes in the category of medium-fast, which is an amazing thing. In year 2019, he also made his debut in T201 against the West Indians.

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9. Umesh Yadav:

Umesh Yadav test cricket bowler

Umesh is known as someone who has the record of taking the most wickets in the ICC World Cup. Many Indian cricketers praise his constant bowling speed. He has a record of 152.2 km/hr in bowling. Yadav also broke the record of Stephen Fleming’s highest strike.

He is considered the fastest bowler in every season of match. He is not just a fantastic cricketer or bowler, but also a person who helps others in many different ways. Umesh begins his cricket career while he is quite young.

10. RP Singh:

RP Singh

RP( Rudra Pratap) Singh, is a left-arm medium-fast bowler. He is one of the most loved cricketers for their bowling skills, but he retired in 2018, and he has already left his mark. He contains all the qualities a placer with good skill contains.

He has the mark of 147 Kmph. Now we talk about his record he took 124 international wickets and was featured in 58 ODIs and 14 tests. Still, people know him as a great cricketer with great bowling skills.


Other cricket players in India have amazing bowling abilities, yet they are as yet contending to be the best. These cricket players we discussed here are notable and have shown their ability on many stages. Some of them have resigned, while others continue to play for India’s cricket team.

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