Top 5 Cricket Bats in the History of Cricket

Top 5 Cricket Bats

We all love to play cricket and might have played at some point in our lives. It is a sport of a combination of skill, strategy and teamwork

Cricket is known as the gentleman’s game, the sport has a deep history and was played in many countries.

The oldest format of cricket is Test cricket which is played for consecutive five days and demands a high level of concentration. 

The game consists of two more formats ODI and T20I, in the ODI match the game consists of 50 overs and a T20 match consists of 20 overs.

The T20 match is the most famous format of cricket because the players have to score runs faster due to a shortage of balls.

The game of cricket is itself a very challenging and competitive task. In this article, we will talk about the different types of Cricket Bats that are involved in the game.

The Cricket Bat is the most important part of cricket without a cricket bat we cannot play cricket. So, let us talk about different types of cricket bats by which we can play professional cricket.

1) Traditional Cricket Bat

Traditional Cricket Bat

Traditional Cricket bats are made up of specifically selected willow, the cricket bats originated in the 17th century in England.

At that time cricket was considered as the bowler’s game because the bats before were made of sticks and did not offer full control and power to the batsman.

To solve this problem, English willow was found to be the perfect material which is a combination of strength and flexibility

The English Willow is regarded as the gold standard for cricket bat construction. The willow wood was to be found in the wetter regions of the United Kingdom.

Key features of Traditional Cricket Bats

Traditional cricket bats provide exceptional performance in terms of power and responsiveness.

The fibre which is found in willow provides excellent shock absorption that ensures that the ball doesn’t travel too fast off the bat.

The bats are made by skilled artisans who carefully select the wood and meet the requirements of ICC standards.

English willow bats are heavier than the other material bats but this turns out to be an advantage for those batsmen who prefer the additional mass that generates powerful shots.

The willow bats can last for many seasons which makes them a durable and long-term investment.

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Drawbacks of Traditional Willow Cricket Bats

  • Cost: The biggest drawback of Traditional willow cricket bats is their cost, the bats which are made up of high-quality English willow are quite expensive. This acts as a barrier for those who cannot afford the Willow cricket bats, especially the beginners.
  • Weight: The weight of traditional willow cricket bats is more than usual, this may be an advantage for some players but most players don’t like heavy bats.
  • Limited Availability: The traditional willow cricket bats are available in a limited region only because finding the best quality willow is a challenging task.
  • Take a long time to be Ready: The traditional willow cricket bats often take too much time to be ready to play because every bat has to go through the period of knocking in, this process is very time-consuming.

2) Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats

Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats

Kashmir Willow cricket bats are not only famous in India but in the whole world, many players like playing cricket with the Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats.

After the the discovery of the English Willow in India, we have found the same types of willow in Kashmir which has the same characteristics as the English willow.

The Kashmir willow is known for its highly balanced character which has strength and flexibility that helps batsmen to play great shots.

Kashmir Willow bats have emerged as a cost-effective alternative to English Willow bats and become an important part of the cricketing world. The bats are made up of wood of Salix alba caerulea which is a variety of willow which is found in the region of Kashmir, India.

Key Features of Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats

Kashmir Willow cricket bats are cheaper than English willow cricket bats so they can easily be affordable by anyone including beginners.

The bats of Kashmir willow provide a balance of performance to the batsman which makes it a more attractive choice. These bats are not that much heavier if we compare them to other willowwood bats.

These bats are more durable and cost-efficient than English willow which is also known as Traditional cricket bats. This is more advantageous for the players who only engage in casual cricket matches.

Kashmir willow is available in different varieties and sizes so that any player can satisfy his need whether you’re a junior or adult cricket player.

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Drawbacks of Kashmir Willow Bats

  • The Kashmir WIillow cricket bats may not provide the same performance as English Willow bats they might limit the performance of the batsmen because the Kashmir will is not as responsive and can affect the control of batsmen over their shots.
  • Like other cricket bats, the Kashmir Willow cricket bat also requires knocking in the process to be ready to play, as we know this process is very time-consuming.
  • The Kashmir Willow cricket bats offer limited customization as compared to English Willow bats, this affects the players who have specific preferences for their cricket bat.
  • The high-quality Kashmir Willow is available in limited quantities, the quality is divided into Grade A and Grade B.

3) Composite Cricket Bats

Composite Cricket Bats

After the discovery of English Willow cricket bats new player came into the field, Composite Cricket Bats.

The concept of composite cricket bats consists of the combination of different types of material. These materials are combined to create a new product which has improved characteristics.

The Composite Cricket bats are mainly a combination of traditional willow and modern materials which can offer more durability, power and balance to the batsmen.

In the composition of Composite Cricket bats a high-strength adhesive is also used which ensures a secure connection between the English Willow and modern materials that create a cohesive and effective cricket bat.

Key Features of Composite Cricket Bats

The best feature of composite cricket bats is their durability, the modern materials which are used in the composition of Composite bats enhance their durability.

The modern materials also provide exceptional power performance to the composite cricket bats, their thicker edges resulting in the ability to hit powerful shots consistently.

Composite bats are made of up lightweight design that allows quick speed to the batsmen, the design is very useful to play quick and powerful shots.

Composite cricket bats come with variety and customization, these cricket bats can be customized as per the requirement of the batsmen, and players can customize their cricket bats as per their specific playing style.

The material which is used in the composite cricket bats is designed in such a way that they can absorb the shock of the fastball which ensures its durability and provide the control of playing accurate shots to the batsmen.

Drawbacks of Composite Cricket Bats

  • The main drawback of the Composite cricket bat is its price, composite cricket bats are even more expensive than Traditional Cricket bats because of the process involved in the manufacturing of combining willow and modern materials.
  • The second drawback of composite cricket bats is Environmental Concerns, the use of modern materials in composite cricket bats like carbon fiber and fibreglass may raise environmental concerns related to production and disposal.
  • The performance in Composite cricket bats may vary even if the bat is of the same brand and same model because the combination of different materials affects the performance. 
  • Some types of Composite Cricket bats may not be allowed in some special organizations, leagues and tournaments, the players should ensure that the composite bat they choose complies with the rules of cricket authorities.
  • Players may face challenges in customizing the composite cricket bat because any minor customization can affect the balance of the Composite cricket bat.

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4) Tennis Ball Cricket Bats

Tennis Ball Cricket Bats

Tennis Ball cricket bats originate from India and gained popularity in other parts of the world as well. 

The use of tennis balls in cricket is the primary reason for using tennis cricket bats. We cannot play cricket with the combination of tennis ball and willow bat. Because the Willow cricket bats are quite expensive and very hard to play cricket with a tennis ball.

These bats are generally used in local tennis cricket tournaments. Tennis ball cricket bats are made up of lightweight material so that anyone can play with these cricket bats.

Key Features of Tennis Ball Cricket Bats

These types of bats are very lightweight and well-balanced than Traditional Cricket bats allowing players to play aggressive shots also these bats are best suitable to play with tennis balls.

Tennis Ball cricket bats have short handles which allow players to have better control of the bats and make it easier to swing the wrist.

Tennis Ball cricket bats are available in different types like Hard Tennis Ball Bats, Soft Tennis Ball Bats, Tennis Ball Tape Bats, and Leather Ball Adapted Bats.

The power and boundary-hitting capabilities of a Tennis ball’s Cricket bat are very high, they are designed in such a way that maximises the effectiveness of each shot.

These bats are generally preferable in Street cricket where children of young age showcase their talent in local tournaments.

Drawbacks of Tennis Ball Cricket Bats

  • Tennis Ball’s cricket bats have limited versatility because they are designed specifically only for tennis balls, which are lighter and bouncer than leather balls.
  • These bats cannot be used in professional cricket because professional cricket which is held at a national level played with leather balls.
  • Affect the technique, Tennis cricket ball cricket bats affect the player’s technique of playing professional cricket because playing with a tennis ball and a leather ball is totally different and the techniques which are used in a Tennis ball match cannot be used in a leather ball match.
  • Tennis ball matches are often played in informal settings and there is a lack of standardized regulations and governing bodies.

5) Mongoose Cricket Bats

Mongoose Cricket Bats

In the era of Willow cricket bats, Mongoose cricket bats with their unique design and aggressive approach to batting became the symbol of innovation in cricket history.

The Mongoose cricket bats originated in 2009 when an Australian cricket equipment manufacturer introduced Mongoose cricket bats.

The founder of Mongoose cricket bat was Marcus Codrington Fernandez who was a cricket enthusiast and entrepreneur.

The Mongoose cricket bat has a short blade and a long handle which make an enlarged sweet spot. This bat with its unique style allows batsmen to execute aggressive shots with much effort.

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Key Features of Mongoose Cricket Bats

Mongoose cricket bats are designed in a unique shape this bat is distinct from traditional bats because it has a long handle and short blade in it.

The bat is designed in such a way that it feels lighter in weight than other types of cricket bats.

Mongoose Bat offers enhanced power to the batsman because of its build,  it allows the batsman to generate more power which results in impressive boundary-hitting capabilities.

This bat enlarges the Sweet spot, which means that the Mongoose bat allows the batsmen to connect with the ball more consistently so that they can maximize their run-scoring possibility.

Drawbacks of Mongoose Bats

  • When Mongoose bats started taking the place of traditional bats, it became very difficult for the Batsmen to adapt to the Mongoose cricket bats.
  • Mongoose cricket bats are designed to hit aggressive shots and are not suitable for defensive mode.
  • Gradually many cricket authorities started imposing rules and regulations towards the use of Mongoose bats in professional cricket which resulted in the ban of mongoose cricket bats in professional cricket.

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