What is the Yo-Yo test in Cricket ?

Cricket is a gentlemen’s game, it is a sport in which different types of players play together. Fitness is a thing which is most considered in Cricket because the players have to be active for long hours.

Players have to do the fielding and stand for long hours also the batsman has to run between the wickets which is why fitness is the most important aspect of cricket.

Yo-Yo test in Cricket

We have also seen that players with better fitness continuously perform well in the match. 

Because of this fitness reason, the Yo-Yo test is used in cricket and not only in cricket but the Yo-Yo test is used in different sports as well.

Now let’s know about the Yo-Yo test.

What is the Yo-Yo Test?

The Yo-Yo test is formally known as the Intermittent Recovery Test (Yo-Yo test). This test is used to measure the fitness level of any person.

The Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery test is used in various sports, including Cricket, Soccer, and other sports.

Yo YO test

This test basically measures the aerobic and anaerobic fitness of any athlete, It involves a very challenging task that needs to be performed well to pass the Yo-Yo test.

Yo-Yo test involves the chain of shuttle runs that are designed in such a way that can estimate the ability to perform high-power tasks of any sportsperson.

Nowadays Yo-Yo test has become a common measuring tool for physical fitness. With the help of the Yo-Yo test players can estimate their physical fitness level and can improve them because in sports physical fitness is very important.

In Indian cricket team selection, the Yo-Yo test is a necessary test which has to be passed by every player who wants to play in the Indian Cricket Team.

It becomes a selection criterion with a minimum Yo-Yo test score required by the players to be eligible to play for the national team.

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Why is the Yo-Yo test important?

The Yo-Yo test has become very popular nowadays, people are very interested in knowing about the Yo-Yo test, but nobody knows why is Yo-Yo test important.

The Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery test becomes important for several reasons, The Yo-Yo test in today’s world is most useful in the field of sports and physical fitness.

Let’s know some major usefulness of the Yo-Yo test

1) Monitor player’s performance

The Yo-Yo test is considered a reliable measure for monitoring the fitness of any person or any sports player because it measures an individual’s aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels.

This test provides a player’s consistency, speed and recovery abilities which are helpful for the selectors to choose the best player with the best fitness level.

By regularly conducting Yo-Yo test the coaches or the selector’s board continuously monitor the changes in the fitness level of players over time, which is important for the overall development of player.

2) Selection of Team

Yo-Yo has become the major and important criterion for the selection of any player in the Indian cricket team also in soccer passing the Yo-Yo test is compulsory.

The practice of Yo-Yo in the selection process ensures the player’s ability to perform well because the physically fit person is more likely to contribute more to his team also it ensures that the selected person who is representing his country is not only talented but is also physically fit.

3) Injury Prevention

In sports, one of the challenges that every player has to face is an injury because due to long playing hours, the injury becomes common in athletes and this injury needs to be prevented.

Injury Prevention is linked with the physical fitness of the person. The players who have good fitness are not likely to get easily injured. 

The Yo-Yo test helps athletes identify their injuries due to poor fitness level and allow them to work on their weakness.

4) Performance Boosting

The players who have good fitness levels are considered the key players in their team as they can contribute more to the winning.

As they have good fitness they can be more consistent and active in the game and can maintain their energy level throughout the match.

The process of the Yo-Yo test is such that only those who have quick speed, and the best execution can perform and pass it. This process helps the athletes to boost their performance in the match.

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Why is the Yo-Yo test used in Cricket?

Cricket is not a leisure game, the game of cricket demands physical fitness and a highly competitive attitude from the player.

With the introduction of Twenty-20 cricket, it has become a fast-moving game. The players have to be active continuously and remain in the game till the end.

The Yo-Yo test becomes the measure to evaluate the aerobic and anaerobic fitness of the players and also it measures the ability to maintain a high work rate over a long period.

It becomes important for batsmen and bowlers, especially for the bowlers as they have to deliver the ball consistently with high speed.

The Yo-Yo test is used in Cricket so that players can perform and give their 100 per cent in the game both mentally as well as physically.

How is the Yo-Yo test performed?

As we have discussed above the Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test is a fitness test that involves the chain of shuttle runs that measures the aerobic and anaerobic dynamic of players as it measures the longevity and intensity to perform long tasks.

Now let’s know how the Yo-Yo test is being performed.

The Setup of the Yo-Yo test involves a Flat Surface where the test will be conducted, the surface should be flat and clean, it can be any place which allows the player smooth running.

Then, two markers will be placed at a distance of 20 meters (or yards) away from each other which will define the running distance to the player.

Also, the main important thing which will be required is the Audio Signal for timing the test intervals.


  1. To perform the Yo-Yo test the player first needs to warm up himself with walking or stretching.
  2. After warmup, the player needs to start running from one marker to the other once the audio signal begins and he needs to reach the other marker before the next audio signal.
  3. Then the intervals between the audio signal will moderately decrease requiring players to run faster and faster so that they can reach the marker before the next audio signal.
  4. This Yo-Yo test is formed of multiple shuttles or stages, and one by one the next stage becomes more demanding than the previous one.
  5. At the point of each marker, cones are placed and the player needs to touch them and back to the other cone which ensures that he has covered the full distance.
  6. In the active recovery phase, players need to jog or walk back to the starting marker in preparation for the next shuttle.
  7. This process will continue taking place until the player fails to complete the required shuttles within the appropriate time for two consecutive intervals.
  8. If any participant fails for two consecutive times, the test is terminated.

The Scoring of the Yo-Yo test is based on the level and shuttle reached by the player before he fails to reach the distance within the required time.

The Higher the levels and shuttles reached by the player, the better fitness he has.

This procedure can be different because of special protocols as it totally depends on the organisation that is conducting the Yo-Yo test.

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Consequences of Yo-Yo Test

The Yo-Yo test is a very challenging task and it has many consequences that are both positive and negative.

Some of the Positive Consequences of the Yo-Yo test are:-

  • Improvement in Fitness: The Yo-Yo test is helpful for players in many different ways the main thing it does to any player is improve their fitness. Because of the Yo-Yo test players will now also consider their fitness along with their sports.
  • The Yo-Yo test helps players in the selection process of sports as they have the advantage of passing the Yo-Yo test.
  • Passing the Yo-Yo test can also act as a motivation for the player which can improve his overall performance.
  • By keeping a regular check on fitness, players will have less chance of Injury.

Some of the Negative Consequences of the Yo-Yo test:-

  • Rejections from Teams: The players who are not able to perform well in the Yo-Yo test will face rejection from the team selection. They might lose the chance of representing their country.
  • Players might feel pressure and stress because of fulfilling the minimum required score in the Yo-Yo test.
  • By being rejected due to low Yo-Yo test scores, players will start focusing more on fitness over skill and talent.
  • Injury Risk is also there because of attempting the Yo-Yo test continuously, players will push themselves so hard that they do not think about the risk of injuries.

Besides both positive and negative consequences, the Yo-Yo test is considered the best method for the selectors of the Indian Cricket Team to select the most suitable players who have good physical health.

Controversies Regarding Yo-Yo test

The Yo-Yo test is considered good for the fitness of players but it is surrounded by some controversies also.

  • Bias towards fitness over talent

The Yo-Yo test always from the starting facing the controversy of being biased towards fitness over talent, if we think from another perspective this statement is not false.

The Yo-Yo test prioritizes fitness over talent. Many talented cricketers with exceptional skills and cricketing abilities fail to meet the required fitness standards which leads to their exclusion from the Indian team.

  • It has the same Standards for all

The second question that is raised against the Yo-Yo test is whether it has the same standards for all types of people like someone who may have weak genetics and fails to accomplish the Yo-Yo test but he has the ability to play.

The standards of the Yo-Yo test should be different for genetical problems.

  • Problems for Young Players

The Yo-Yo test is one of the major problems for the developing player who just started his career. The high-intensity nature of this Yo-Yo test may not be suitable for young players.

There should be some relief for the new emerging players so that they can showcase their skills and talent besides focusing more on fitness.

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Best Yo-Yo test performer in India

India has many best performers in the Yo-Yo test these 5 are the top of all. Many of the players have the same scores on the Yo-Yo test, even a 0.1 difference can make a huge impact.

  1. Ahmed Banday (Score = 19.4)
  2. Mayank Dagar (Score = 19.3)
  3. Manish Pandey (Score = 19.2)
  4. Virat Kohli (Score = 19)
  5. Ashish Nehra (Score = 18.5)

Best Yo-Yo test performer in the world

  1. Alastair Cook (Score = 22.3)
  2. Al Amin Hossain (Score = 22.1)
  3. Jonny Bairstow (Score = 21.8)
  4. Asad Shafiq (Score = 21.1)
  5. Joe Root (Score = 21.1)
  6. Shan Masood (Score = 22.1)
  7. Ahmed Banday (Score = 19.4)
  8. Mayank Dangar (19.3)
  9. Manish Pandey (Score = 19.2)
  10. Kagiso Rabada (Score = 19.2)
  11. Mohammad Rizwan (Score – 19.2)

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