Fastest Stumping in Cricket

Fastest Stumping in Cricket

Keemo Paul is stumped by Ms Dhoni

Ms. Dhoni, the name which we know as a legend has been an important part of the Indian cricket era for a very long time. He is proficient in both bowling and batting in a variety of cricketing formats. He has quick light wicketkeeping abilities. One of the greatest hitting records of Dhoni’s career was set in the year of 2018 during Mumbai which is a contest with the West Indies. He excuses his rival, Keemo Paul, in 0.08 seconds. Also, this performance aided Ms. Dhoni’s development as an all-around player.

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Marvan Atapattu is stumped by Mark Boucher.

In the match of year 2006, documentation serves as another evidence of Mark Boucher’s talent and the team’s mythology in South Africa. Another memorable example of the swiping ball was seen throughout the world, this time against team Sri Lanka. Boucher captures the entire possibility when Atapattu crosses the crease without understanding. When Atapattu exited the secure area, the ball struck the wicket. Everything that occurs in a matter of seconds astounds people. The performance gave Mark an essential place in fastest stumping.

Callum MacLeod is stumped by Ben Cox.

The entire event happened between Derbyshire and a team of Worcestershire, and they competed throughout the match. The entire thing shocked not just the players but also the spectators, and the stump happened in a hilarious fashion. Ed Barnard bowled the 1st part of the over; he pitched it midway and judged the batter’s trajectory. MacLeod dabbed it to the 3 guys to get a single.

Shaun Marsh is stumped by Ms. Dhoni

Ms. Dhoni removed competitor Shaun Marsh, a well-known player from the Australian group, during the 3rd One-Day International played by the Indian team in Australia in the year 2012. Ms. Dhoni holds an important place when it comes to top cricketers or fastest stumpers. Marsh attempts to escape the wrinkle on a leg-side wide conveyance yet battles to interface his bat with the ball. However, Dhoni dislodged the bails on the opening ball of the twenty-fourth over after taking it cleanly.

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Maher is stumped by Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar Sangakkara set the top bars during the VB series, which occurred between Australia and the Islanders. The match was organized in year 2015. Jimmy Maher, another Australian opener, attempted to push the ball against Muttiah Muralitharan, but was blocked by a cunningly rotating ball, Sanga was forced to reach to his left in order to capture it. It likewise made him lose his equilibrium. Sanga utilizes his right hand to flick the ball towards the wicket in an attempt to grab it before it lands and hits a bull’s eye! At the point when Maihar saw that he was far shy of his region, individuals of Sri Lanka celebrated. Sanga’s reaction shows that he is likewise astonished by her quick action in field. Nonetheless, it will rank among the quickest stumpings in the past of cricket.

Saurabh Tiwary stumped by Bradley Barnes

This type of dismissal is known to be among the most spartan. The India U19 vs. Africa U19 match took place in year 2018. Saurabh Tiwari was confronting some leg issues, so he picked Tanmay Srivastava to assume the part of a sprinter. Yasin Valley, a spinner from South Africa, delivers a full, low toss that goes beyond the mark. Completely missing the mark, Tiwary is rescued by South African wicketkeeper Bradley Burns. Although perceptions on this match vary, Bradley Barnes set a new record in it.

Craig McMillan9* stumped by Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist is the biggest inspiration and the most popular wicketkeeper-batsman for many players. He was fearless as well as a talented player, and he played with all of his might as he stood behind the wickets. In the year 2005, he dismissed New Zealand batsman Craig McMillan for 37 off 31 balls. He has a record of doing more than 5 stumps fearlessly.

Dinesh Karthik Stumped by Michael Vaughan.

We rarely see Dinesh Karthik doing the wicketkeeping in ODI for team India. The reason for adding him to the list is special because it is his debut, which is against England. The day became the best day for him to show off his little skill. By moving out of the crease facing Harbhajan, Vaughan hurried to enter the crease. However, he totally misconceived the ball and was excused from behind by Karthik, providing India with the most vital wicket of the day.

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Ricky Ponting Stumped by Brendon McCullum

In a match among Ricky and Brendon, Southee makes a few issues for Ricky with his sharp in-pleasure seekers in exceptionally fundamental run-pursuing. In match, Australia began with a fine 100-run organization between Brad Haddin and Shane Watson, and they were pursuing the objective of 207. We can see Ponting getting into a little struggle. McCullum impatiently headed for the stumps, sensing that the batsman was beginning to leave the crease. Southee didn’t give Ponting a chance when he bowled around the wicket. The whole strategy worked beautifully for team Brendon. McCullum stumped the batsman wisely.

Shubman Gill Stumped by Ms Dhoni

Ms. Dhoni always proved that his skill did not get affected, even if he was in his 40s. In the recent match of IPL 2023, Ms Dhoni did not even give Gill a chance to understand the whole thing, and he removed the bail. Gill lost his whole balance when he was trying to play Ravindra Jadeja. The whole time was enough for Dhoni to take a chance, and he did it with quickness. Gill tried to cover the whole thing, but Ms Dhoni is a player who can still work more quickly than any other younger players on the field.

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