Howzat Fantasy App Referral Code 2023

This is the one-stop place for Howzat fantasy cricket earning tips. Here on, best fantasy apps you’ll know about all offers about fantasy apps. If you looking for a Howzat Referral Code to earn a signup bonus? then you are at the right place.

With the refer code you will earn Free 500 Rupees when your friend deposits money.

For every Rs. 100 you and your friend will get Rs. al500 as a cash bonus which you can spend on fantasy leagues.

Are you ready to play fantasy cricket this World Cup? If not, Get ready to earn a handsome amount of cash this ODI World Cup with the Howzat fantasy app apk.

Howzat Referral Code

But why limit your earnings? You can earn more with the secret tips & tricks I am going to show you below.

Howzat Fantasy Cricket App Details

Howzat is a fantasy sports platform for skillful people like you. It allows you to create a dream team of players. You get paid for the player’s performance. Howzat appointed cricket legends like Yuvraj Singh, Irfan Pathan, Kieron Pollard, Suresh Raina, and Kumar Sangakkara as their Brand Ambassador. You can get a chance to meet up with these stars if you challenge and beat them in fantasy cricket.

With your virtual team, you can earn unlimited cash daily.

Howzat provides a fantasy sports platform for Cricket & Football.

Fantasy App NameHowzat
App Size15.12 MB
Referral Code 2023EBONUS100
APK DownloadClick Here
PlatformAndroid, iOS & Site
Brand AmbassadorYuvraj Singh
App ProviderHowzat Games Pvt Lt

Howzat seems generous with the referral amount. They are giving Rs. 500 per referral to every eligible signup.

If you are thinking about the legality then the Howzat fantasy app is legal to play in India as per their website, except in the states of Telangana, Assam, Odisha, Nagaland, and Sikkim.

Customers are satisfied with their smoothest withdrawal process and KYC verification.

Benefits of Using the Howzat Fantasy App Over Others

Almost every fantasy cricket platform offers the same features but how does Howzat stand out?

Here are a few key features of the Howzat fantasy cricket app-

  • High Referral Bonus: Howzat offers a maximum signup bonus of Rs. 500 in the fantasy sports market.
  • Play on Website: You don’t have to necessarily download the app to play fantasy cricket. You can simply open the Howzat website and earn cash daily.
  • 100% Legal: It is one of the most trusted fantasy apps to play on. Furthermore, it is in fact legal in India except in a few cities.
  • Public & Private Leagues: It offers both public as well as private fantasy tournaments for your own comfort.

How to Signup & Earn Rs. 500 in Howzat Fantasy App?

Step #1. Download Howzat mobile app and install it on your smartphone
Step#2. Open the Howzat app and enter your mobile number
Step#3. Fill in the One-Time Password (OTP) to verify
Step#4. Enter the referral code to become eligible for the Rs. 500 referral program
Step#5. In the bottom menu, tap on Add Cash
Step#6. Enter Rs. 100 and apply the promo code
Step#7. Now click on the Deposit ₹100 button.

You will get an additional Rs. 500 as a signup bonus for using a Howzat referral code and depositing cash.

I will tell you how to earn more from refer and earn program later.

How to Create a Fantasy Cricket Team

Commencing your adventure on Howzat involves a straightforward 5-step procedure. Simply adhere to the steps provided below and apply your cricket knowledge:

create fantasy team

1. Pick a Match

Choose the match you want to play in. Go to the “Fixtures” tab and click on your preferred match.

2. Join Contest & Reserve Your Spot

Once you’ve picked a match, you’ll be directed to the Contests Lobby. There, you can select the Contest you wish to join. Simply click “Join,” choose the number of available spots, and then click “Reserve My Spot.”

3. Create Your Team

It’s time to assemble your team from the starting lineup of both teams. Simply click “Create 1 Team(s) Now” and step into the Player Selection arena.

4. Player Selection

This is the pivotal phase where expertise becomes crucial. Begin by selecting the roles you wish to assign first. For example, if you click on the Wicketkeeper (WK) position, you will see the list of Wicketkeepers participating in the match. To assemble your team, simply click the + icon next to your preferred players. Similarly, choose Batsmen, Bowlers, and All-Rounders from the following tabs.

After this, you can select the Captain and Vice-Captain of your team. Be wise, these players hold a higher value.

5. Win Real Cash

You’re fully prepared now. You have the option to either participate in additional contests or proceed to “My Contest.” Relax and savor the game. If your strategies and choices prove to be excellent, you’ll be well on your path to earning real cash on Howzat.

refer and earn

How to Join A Contest in Howzat Fantasy App?

Howzat fantasy sports platform offers Cricket, Kabaddi & Football fantasy leagues.

Joining a contest or league is quite simple. Here are the steps-

Step#1. Open Howzat Fantasy Mobile App
Step#2. Choose between Cricket, Kabaddi, or Football by tapping the respective tab
Step#3. Scroll and select the match you want to play for fantasy sports
Step#4. Create your Fantasy Team
Step#5. Choose the Prize Pool you want to play under
Step#6. Tap on the Join Now button
Step#7. Finally, pay the contest joining amount.

You can now check the progress of your team by going to My Matches.

Scoring System in Howzat Fantasy

There are different scoring systems for Cricket, Football & Kabaddi.

You can check the scoring system by going to the More option present on the bottom menu bar.

Then go to the Scoring System. There you can choose your sports and check out different scoring or point tables.

Here is a sneak peek of it-

Howzat Fantasy Points Table

As you can see there are different points for every skill set performed by players.

So not only your player’s performance but also your skill to judge and choose the perfect combination of fantasy teams will make you win a big cash bonus.

Howzat Promo Code 2023 & Offers for Money Deposit

Just like other fantasy apps Howzat offers various cash bonus offers while adding money. But they have pretty much rewards for depositing cash. Here is the latest working promo code for the Howzat Fantasy app.

Howzat promo code

Promo Code: START2000

Get Rs.150 extra cash + 2850 bonus cash on deposit of Rs.2000

Promo Code: START1000

Get Rs.60 extra cash + 940 bonus cash on deposit of Rs.2000

Promo Code: START500

Get Rs.25 extra cash + 475 bonus cash on deposit of Rs.500

Promo Code: START200

Get Rs.10 extra cash + 115 bonus cash on deposit of Rs.200

Promo Code: START100

Get Rs.50 bonus cash on deposit of Rs.100

Howzat Refer & Earn Program Details

Howzat is one of the highest-paying fantasy cricket apps for referrals.

Howzat refer and earn

Here is how you can earn too-

Step#1. Open Howzat Cricket Fantasy App
Step#2. Go to the Refer & Earn option present in the bottom menu
Step#3. Copy your Howzat Refer Code and share it with your friends and family members.
Step#4. Ask your friends to deposit at least Rs. 100 after joining.
Step#5. You will get Instant cash of Rs. 50 and Rs.50 bonus cash and your friend will get Rs. 50 bonus cash as soon as the deposit is successful.
Step#6. Whenever your friends play for Rs 50 both of you will get Rs 20 bonus cash till you both receive bonus cash of Rs 500
Step#7. Repeat this process for unlimited referral earnings.

Contest Formats

Howzat offers Contests in two distinct formats within Howzat Services. The first format is public contests, allowing Users to join Contests without any participation restrictions. The second format is private contests, where Users can invite specific individuals to participate, and participation is limited to those invited Users. All the rules governing Contests outlined here apply to both formats of Contests.

Public Contest:
Howzat provides public contests where Users can participate with other Users without any restrictions on participation. These contests can have 2, 5, 10, 50, or 100 participants, and they are predefined by Howzat. Public contests cannot be canceled; however, if a contest does get canceled, the joining fees will be reverted back to all the contestants. In these public leagues, you can use the predefined value of referral bonuses from your active bonus. You have the option to join these leagues with one or more teams to increase your chances of winning. It’s important to ensure that these leagues are filled at least one hour before the match begins.

Private Contest:
In the private contest format, Howzat enables Users to create contests and invite specific Users to participate. Users may create a private contest with a pre-specified number of Participants, either 2, 3, 5, or 10. As with public contests, if a private contest gets canceled, the joining fees will be refunded to all contestants. The same predefined referral bonus value from your active bonus can be used in these private leagues, but you can join only one team. It’s crucial to ensure that private leagues are filled at least one hour before the match starts. All rules applicable to contests, as set out in the terms and conditions, apply to both public and private contest formats.

Types of Howzat refer and earn Bonus

Howzat’s Referral and Earning Bonus Program offers you various ways to earn rewards:

  1. Referral Bonus: When you sign up using a Howzat Referral Code, you receive a free bonus that initially lands in your ‘Bonus’ account. This bonus gradually transfers from your ‘Bonus’ account to your ‘Balance’ account as you participate in game rooms and pay the match fee. This bonus is released at a rate of 4% of the match fee for each room you join, regardless of whether you win or lose the game.
  2. Instant/Deposit Bonus: This is the cash amount you instantly receive and deposit into your account. However, with the ‘Slow Bonus,’ you receive a predefined percentage of your bonus for the match fee for every game room you join, making it a slower accumulation process.
  3. Friend Referral Bonus: When you refer a friend who joins and plays a cash game on Howzat using your Referral Code and deposits money, you receive an ‘Instant Bonus’ for successfully referring your friend.
  4. Free Money Prize: You can participate in games without any entry fee and have a chance to win a cash prize in these rooms. For example, you can join a Rs 500 prize room without any entry fee and still have the opportunity to win.

How to Withdraw Howzat Cash to Bank or Paytm?

The withdrawal process is smooth and quick.

All you need to do is-

Step#1. Go to the More option in the bottom menu
Step#2. Tap on Withdrawal
Step#3. Choose your State and Date of Birth
Step#4. Now enter your mobile number for re-verification
Step#5. For KYC, choose the address type and upload the front and back of the document
Step#6. Press the Upload button and wait for the verification process
Step#7. Once verification is done, you can withdraw your winning amount from the Bank or Paytm.

Withdrawal may be instant for Paytm and can take a few business days for the Bank method.

Howzat Customer Care Details

With their fast responsive customer care service, you can get your issue solved within a short span of time. Below are the Howzat Contact Us details:

  • Email support:
  • You can also reach out to their Contact Us section in the app to send a query.

Howzat App Tutorial Video

YouTube video

Final Conclusion

Well, this was a detailed post about the Howzat Cricket Fantasy App. I hope it’ll help you to create your fantasy team and earn cash by referring friends. With the whooping referral bonus of Rs.500, you can earn a decent amount of cash with this referral program along with an amazing signup bonus of Rs.100

If you are looking for fantasy apps that give high rewards then, the Howzat fantasy app is perfect for you.


How do you use bonuses on the Howzat app?

To use a bonus on the Howzat app, apply it during the entry fee payment for a contest or game. The bonus amount will be deducted from your total entry fee.

How do I deposit money into Howzat?

To deposit money into Howzat, log in to your account and navigate to the “Deposit” or “Add Funds” section, then follow the provided instructions to add money to your account using the available payment methods.

What is the minimum deposit in the Howzat app?

Minimum deposit of Rs. 100.

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