Top 5 Fastest Wicket-Keepers in the Cricket History

Top 5 Fastest Wicket-Keepers

Cricket is a sport which is being loved by almost all the world. People in India loved cricket so much not only the young generations but people of all ages like cricket in India.

The game of cricket is a mix-up of many different things like batting, bowling, fielding, and wicket-keeping.

Doing any of the tasks in any cricket match is itself very challenging just like doing batting and bowling, wicket-keeping is also a very challenging task.

Wicket-keepers are the men who change the game from behind the stumps, they play a very important role in providing guidance to the spin and fast bowlers because they can see the pitch from the point of view of batsmen.

In the history of cricket, there were many wicket-keepers who made their name because of their skills and talent and all of them belonged to different countries.

Wicket-keeping is very important in any cricket match because the skilled wicket-keeper plays a vital role in supporting the bowlers by maintaining constant communication with them about the movement and turn of the pitch.

A wicket-keeper should be good at catching the fast and spin bowls, and also a wicket-keeper should be aware of doing the stumping which is considered as a very challenging and fast movement task.

In this article, we will talk about the Top 5 fastest wicket-keepers in the history of cricket

1) Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist was a revolutionary wicket-keeper batsman. He had left an impactful remark in the history of cricket.

Adam Gilchrist belongs to the Australian national cricket team, he was a fantastic wicket-keeper batsman in his time, and even today Gilchrist is being loved by every cricket enthusiast.

Early Life of Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist was born on November 14, 1971, in Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia. Adma’s family supports his passion for cricket and helps him to make his career in cricket.

In his early age due to his marvellous performance in the local matches, he got a scholarship to attend the Australian Cricket Academy in 1992 which turned out to be the turning point in his cricketing career.

International Career of Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist’s performance in the domestic matches led him to his entry into the international team.

Gilchrist made his international debut for the Australia national cricket team in 1999 against Pakistan, his breathtaking century in that match showcased his aggressive batting style.

Adam Gilchrist also had a significant impact in the ODI matches, he opened the inning for Australia and played a vital role in Australia’s dominance in cricket in the 1990s and 2000s.

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Wicket-keeping Records of Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist holds the record for most dismissals by the Australian Wicket-keeper in Test cricket, in his test career Adam staggering total of 416 dismissals which include 379 catches and 37 stumps in just 96 matches.

His ability of wicket-keeping was not only limited to Test cricket but he also had significant records in ODIs and T20Is.

In One Day International matches Adam Gilchrist holds the record of 572 dismissals which includes 37 stumping and 535 catches in 287 matches. Adam Gilchrist’s consistency and ability made him one of the fastest wicketkeepers in the world.

2) Mahendra Singh Dhoni

MS Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a name which is known by cricket fans all over the world. MS Dhoni was a former captain of the Indian Cricket team.

He is also known as Captain Cool because he remains calm in every situation of the match. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is called one of the most successful captains in the history of cricket as India won all the ICC trophies under his captaincy.

Early Life of Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni was born on July 07, 1981, in Ranchi, Bihar (now in Jharkhand). Dhoni was born into a lower-middle-class family, his father cannot afford him luxury cricket equipment but he supports him in every possible way.

At an early age, he played so many local tournaments which gave him popularity in his area then gradually he started playing domestic matches and made his name among the selectors.

International Career of Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Dhoni’s marvellous performance in the domestic matches led to his selection to the Indian national team.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has a wonderful international career, even though he was not able to score well in his first debut international match but later his start started booming.

MS Dhoni gave a fantastic performance with his bat and with his wicketkeeping skills, also Dhoni is a very good leader under his captaincy India has won all the ICC trophies.

He is known as the world’s fastest wicket-keeper because he has done the fastest stumping in the history of cricket.

Dhoni is often known for finishing the game with his big hits. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has the capability of scoring under pressure because he remains calm and cool. Because of his ability to score runs under pressure, he is known as the world’s best finisher in limited overs.

Wicket-keeping records of Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Dhoni had demonstrated his wicket-keeping skills in all the cricket formats. He holds the record for the most dismissals by a wicket-keeper in both ODIs and T20Is.

In One Day International, MS Dhoni holds the record of 256 dismissals which includes 38 stumpings and 218 catches in 350 matches. Dhoni’s lightning-quick reflexes made him one of the world’s best wicket-keepers.

Along with his world records in wicket-keeping, he was also a very good batsman as a finisher and a true sportsman.

3) Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar Snagakkara

Kumar Sangakkara is one of the most famous wicket-keepers ever known in the history of cricket.

Kumar Sangakkara is known for his extraordinary skills and talent which he showed on the cricket pitch and left his mark in cricket.

Early Life of Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar Sangakkara was born on October 27, 1977, in Matale, Sri Lanka. Kumar Sangakkara started playing cricket at a very young age and his talent gradually began to shine in front of the local audience.

Kumar Sangakkara had attended Trinity College in Kandy and completed his studies there. In 1998 Sangakkara represented Sri Lanka in the Under-19 cricket World Cup.

His father’s name is Kshema Sangakkara and he was a civil lawyer, he supports Kumar Sangakkara in every possible way so that his children can pursue his career in cricket.

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International Career of Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar Sangakkara made his international debut for Sri Lanka in a One Day International match against Pakistan on July 5, 2000.

In international matches, Kumar Sangakkara’s turning point came in the Test format, he flourished in the Test format. Sangakkara is known for his classical batting style technique which makes him play for a long time on the pitch.

Kumar Sangakkara became very hungry for runs, he was a consistent run scorer for his team. In his career, Kumar Sangakkara scored over 10000 runs in both Test and ODI formats.

 Sangakkara was the key player of the Sri Lankan cricket team. In 2009 Kumar Sangakkara became the captain of Sri Lanka and under his leadership, the Sri Lanka cricket team reached the final of the ICC T20 World Cup in 2009 and ICC World Cup in 2011.

Wicket-keeping records of Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar Sangakkara holds the record for the most dismissals by any wicket-keeper in One Day international matches, he had a total of 482 dismissals which include 383 catches and 99 stumpings in 404 matches.

Sangakkara registered 182 dismissals in Test cricket format which includes 131 catches and 51 stumpings. Kumar Sangakkara also holds the record for most dismissals by any wicket-keeper in a single Test series, with 33 dismissals in 2014 against Pakistan.

Also, in the 2015 World Cup tournament Sangakkara held the record for most dismissals by any wicket-keeper in a single ICC Cricket World Cup tournament, he dismissed 14 players (13 catches and 1 stumping)

4) Jos Buttler

Jos Buttler

Jos Buttler is an English wicker-keeper batsman and was very famous for his aggressive approach to batting.

Jos Buttler is one of the best wicket-keepers in the history of cricket because he achieved so many milestones for his team by contributing through his batting and wicket-keeping.

In today’s world of cricket, few players always remain in the picture and Jos Buttler is one of them because he constantly scoring good runs for his team.

Early Life of Jos Buttler

Jos Buttler was born on September 08, 1990, in Taunton, Somerset. His full name is Joseph Charles Buttler and he began his cricketing journey at a very young age. Buttler was born into a cricket-loving family his father supported him from the beginning.

In his early days, he honed his skills in cricket at the Somerset Cricket Academy. His turning point also came when he joined the Cricket Academy.

His performance at the junior level caught the attention of selectors and cricket enthusiasts and later his cricketing career started growing.

International Career of Jos Buttler

Jos Buttler made his international debut for England on April 08, 2011, against Pakistan in a One Day International match.

He gradually established himself as one of the most destructive batsmen of limited overs.  His batting is characterized by aggressive strokeplay and the ability to score big runs consistently. 

Jos Buttler holds the record of fastest ODI century for England in just 46 balls against Pakistan. 

In Test format, Buttler made his debut against India at Southampton on July 27, 2014. In the Test format Buttler bats in the middle order to support the team in later overs.

Jos Buttler played a major in the historic win of England against India, they had won the Test series against India in 2021, and Buttler’s performance with both bat and gloves was extraordinary.

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Wicket-keeping Records of Jos Buttler

Jos Buttler is been an integral part of the England cricket team, he is very effective from behind the stumps.

Buttler holds the record for most dismissals by any wicket-keeper in the Ashes matches, he had a total of 24 dismissals in 14 Ashes matches.

As Buttler is still part of England’s cricket team his record keeps on undating.

5) Brad Haddin

Brad Haddin

Brad Haddin was an Australian wicket-keeper batsman and was a very renowned player in the history of cricket.

Early Life of Brad Haddin

Brad Haddin was born on October 23, 1977, in Cowra, New South Wales. Brad Haddin started his cricketing journey when he was at a very early age. His full name is Bradley James Haddin.

He was raised in a city which is known for producing cricket talents. At an early age, he represented many local teams in the local tournaments and he slowly started getting attention.

Before playing for the Australian national cricket team, Brad Haddin played for New South Wales domestically where his performance got the attention of selectors.

International Career of Brad Haddin

Because of his marvellous performance in the domestic matches and other different leagues, Brad Haddin got the chance to play for the nation.

On May 22, 2008, Brad Haddin played his first debut Test match against West Indies. His performance in the international matches made him the key player of the Australian Cricket team.

Brad Haddin played a very major role in the victory of England in the Ashes series of 2009 and 2013-14. He scored important runs for his team when needed and provided stability in the middle order.

Brad Hddin had scored over 3200 runs in Test cricket matches at an average of around 32. Brad had announced his retirement from all forms of cricket in September 2015, Haddin left behind a legacy of leadership and valuable contribution with both bat and gloves.

Wicket-keeping Records of Brad Haddin

Brad Haddin holds the record for most dismissals by an Australian Wicket-keeper in Test cricket format, he was involved in 262 dismissals including 262 catches and 8 stumpings.

He also shares the record for most catches by a wicket-keeper in a single test inning, taking 8 catches against England in the Ashes test match.

He was also involved in numerous dismissals as a wicketkeeper in the limited-overs format.

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