Top 10 Colour Trading App & Website to Earn Free Cash 2023

Prediction games are a form of a trivia game in which the outcome of guessing future events is more important than assessing the player’s knowledge.

They are not considered gambling and are not subject to gambling laws. Colour Prediction Games are becoming increasingly popular on the internet after fantasy sports.

 Colour Prediction Apps

If you want to make money online on this Diwali quickly and easily, then the colour prediction game is the ideal for you.

The game has three colours:- red, green, and violet. You may predict every three minutes by investing money and earning twice as much. Below is the top 10 colour prediction apps list.

So NoColour Trading App NameApp Download Link
1.FastwinDownload Link
2.VclubDownload Link
3.Daman GamesDownload Link
4.Reliance MallDownload Link
5.MantriGameDownload Link
6.MaryJewerly Download Link
7.Amanda Download Link
8.COOE Download Link
9.CWinDownload Link
10.RoyalWinDownload Link

1) Fastwin Colour Prediction Game

Fastwin download linkDownload Link
Fastwin referral codeluckymG4j
Sign up bonus10
Minimum PayoutRs 31
Refer amountRS 10
Payout optionBank Account, Paytm , UPI

There are numerous prediction games available online, but some games, such as Fastwin are one of the best colour prediction apps.

The most important aspect of the Fastwin colour prediction game is that they will not charge a withdrawal fee, so when you withdraw your money, you will receive the entire amount with no service fee. For instance, if you withdraw $2,000, you will receive $2,000 in your bank account. 

To make money with Fastwin app, you must make a little investment. The more you invest, the more profit you will make.

There are several game alternatives accessible to earn money by playing online games such as quick parity, Minesweeper, Dice, andar bahar game, and our standard 3-minute colour prediction game.

Note: Fiewin close now in place of this Fastwin app launched who is same app just name change.

2) Vclub Colour Trading App

Vclub download linkDownload Link
Vclub referral codect0NgNbE
Sign up bonus121
Minimum PayoutRs 200
Refer amountRS 30
Payout optionBank Account, Paytm 

Vclub is an online colour prediction game that you may play on any device using your browser; an Android app is also available. You may earn free Paytm currency every day by correctly predicting the colour on VClub. VClub also offers a really strongly recommend and earn program. 

You may suggest your friends, and if they add money or recharge your wallet, you will receive INR 121 as a referral fee. This colour prediction game earn money app is the verified & trusted app to use & earn pocket money without putting a lot of time. 

3) Daman Games

Daman Games download linkDownload Link
Daman Games referral codeNA
Sign up bonus100
Minimum PayoutRs 100
Refer amountRS 138
Payout optionBank Account, USDT 
Daman Games is new revolution in gaming industry where you will play color prediction game , aviator , rummy and many more games .

Winning on this platform is very easy you have to simply play with your own choosing playing league & earn lakhs of amount .

You can play color prediction game unlimated time plus you are getting sign up bonus to free game play.

4) Reliance Mall Colour prediction Game

Reliance download linkDownload Link
Reliance referral code1105767
Sign up bonus10
Minimum PayoutRs 200
Refer amountRs 100
Payout optionIMPS

Reliance Mall Apk is a new Colour Prediction Game App that allows you to make money by playing online Colour Prediction games. This is the most recent prediction gaming app to be released. You can even play other fascinating games online & win money through Reliance mall colour prediction app. Download the Reliance Mall Apk immediately and start winning money by playing games in it.

5) MantriGame colour prediction Game

Mantrigame download linkDownload Link
Mantrigame referral code3662161
Sign up bonus100% Bonus
Minimum PayoutRs 130
Refer amountRs 100
Payout optionBank Account

Mantrigame is the best color prediction game with bonus which may be utilised to simply generate money in 2023.

Many people use the mantrigame software to play the colour prediction game formula by following the finest winning methods and patterns to win.

You may use the same way to earn money by utilising it properly and introducing your friends and family to the application.

Also, you may use and play it on both Android and iOS devices without any problem. You can play this game without installing also on your web browser.

Note : This app has few updates so use it carefully.

You will get Rs 20 joining bonus also.

6) MaryJewerly Colour Prediction Game

MaryJewerly download linkDownload Link
MaryJewerly referral codeE513CF04
Sign up bonus100
Minimum PayoutRs 100
Refer amountRS 138
Payout optionBank Account, Paytm 

MaryJewerly app is the best colour prediction game in India that pays you to make predictions. You may also make money through MaryJewerly‘ refer and earn program, where you can earn Rs.138 for each referral.

Here doing nothing can earn you a considerable amount of real cash. 

In this colour prediction game online, you must predict one colour, and if you predict the correct colour, you will win. Prediction games include Parity, Sapre, Boone, and Emerald, among others. You must predict colour and place your bet on it. If the outcome is the same as your predicted colour, you will win and can earn money through colour Prediction Games.

7) Amanda Colour Prediction Game

Amanda download linkDownload Link
Amanda referral codeNA
Sign up bonus108
Minimum Payout200
Refer amountUpto Rs 1000 paytm cash
Payout optionBank Account, Paytm 

Amanda Is a new Colour Prediction app that has been running for a year with a good response. Money can be won quickly and withdrawals are instant. Many Amanda users are already making large sums of money. Amanda pays you well for the referral program with the commission. 

In addition, the commission for each referral on this app and website is Rs.108. If you refer a friend and they recharge for Rs 100 or more, you will receive Rs 108. You may refer as many people as you want and get Rs.108 for each referral, so it’s a great way to make money Joymall colour prediction game apk.

8) COOE Colour prediction Game

COOE download linkDownload Link
COOE referral codeEG0XFNHW
Sign up bonus100
Minimum PayoutRs 100
Refer amountRS 100
Payout optionBank Account, Paytm 

Cooe, the colour prediction game hack is one of the most essential applications for individuals looking to make money online. You should recommend friends to participate in a survey, play games, and earn points or money. Earn money by predicting the colours red and green, like as Fiewin and JoyMall. The Cooe App provides an easy-to-use UI that everyone can utilise.

9) CWin Colour Prediction Game

Cwin download linkDownload Link
Cwin referral codeNA
Sign up bonus121
Minimum PayoutRs 200
Refer amountRS 20
Payout optionBank Account, Paytm 

CWin, Colour Prediction Game calculator allows you to win free Paytm cash every day by just predicting the correct colour on CWin. The CWin refer and earn program allows you to refer friends and receive a commission on their victories. 

There are several other fun daily prizes, CWin Red Envelopes, and Daily Tasks that you can perform, collect and spend to play Colour Prediction Games. Download this lucky colour prediction game and win upto lakhs in a few months. 

10) RoyalWin colour Prediction Game

RoyalWin download linkDownload Link
RoyalWin referral codena
Sign up bonus100
Minimum PayoutRs 100
Refer amountRS 20
Payout optionBank Account, Paytm

The RoyalWin app is also an excellent free colour prediction game online. The nicest part about this app is that you don’t have to recharge it. Instead, you will receive a Rs 100 bonus as soon as you join this app. And you may withdraw even if you are not playing. Please keep in mind that there is no longer any incentive to join the Royalwin app. However, there are five levels of commission in this app.


If you have some spare time and want to win fantastic prizes and money, all you need is to play some games as there are many lucky Colour Predictions games. I hope this post about the new greatest colour prediction earning app will help you in making money.

You can make money just by sitting at home. All you have to do is make a correct prediction and earn money using the applications provided above.

Disclaimer : These games involve Financial Risk & may be addictive so play responsibly . We here only informing about these games & their codes. We are not responsible for any kind of loss or profit from these games.

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