Top 8 Most Famous Sports Brands in India

Most Famous Sports Brands in India

India is a country, where sports is loved by all the people. It is a country in which sports are considered an important aspect of life.

The love for sports in India is inspired by the athletes who establish their names in the field of sports.

Our country has a very long history in sports, in India different types of sports have been played since ancient times and the love for sports has gradually developed in the hearts of Indians.

The love for sports in India has grown to many companies that are contributing towards the country’s economy.

In this article, we will talk about different types of sports companies that offer their products to the people of India.

1) Adidas


Adidas established itself as the synonym of sports and style. Adidas is currently ruling the world through its influence in the sports market.

In India, the company Adidas is so famous that every one of us has surely worn its clothes in our childhood.

Adidas was founded in 1949 by its founder, Adolfd Dassle who belongs to Germany. Adolf has had a passion for sports since his childhood.

Sports Equipment

The Adidas company makes Footwear and they have a wide of footwear options for their customers.

They also are in the Apparel business and are famous for their quality material and style.

Along with footwear and Apparel, Adidas also make sports equipment which includes sports bags, watches, eyewear and backpacks.

The future of Adidas company is looking bright in India because the population of India is growing day by day and the interest of people in sports is also gradually increasing.

Adidas in India continues to dominate the sports sector and offers top-notch types of equipment to players as well as the audience.

Adidas has a successful combination of Sports and Style in it which fascinates the customers.

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2) Nike


Nike is one of the renowned brands all over the world and has a significant impact on India’s sports culture.

Nike company was loved by many Indians especially by the Indian youths because they saw their favourite sports personality wearing the sports gear of Nike company.

It was founded in the year 1964. Nike’s old name was Blue Ribbon Sports, later as per the requirements it was named Nike.

Sports Equipment

Nike has a wide range of products on their list which makes the life of a sportsperson very easy.

Nike’s list of products includes different types of athletic footwear like running shoes, basketball shoes etc.

The sports gear includes Football and soccer balls, Basketball, Golf equipment and many more things.

Nike sponsors many athletes all over the world to do their promotion as you may see sportspersons watching Nike’s clothes many times.

Nike’s culture continues to grow in India and with the increasing awareness about fitness and sports in the middle-class population, their sales will gradually start seeing rise.

Due to the diversity of products of Nike company, they will not face much difficulty in increasing their production.

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3) Reebok


Reebok is also one of the companies that makes sports-related equipment for athletes in India. 

The Reebok company was founded in the year 1958 in England, It is the subsidiary company of Adidas, which means the Reebok company was owned by Adidas.

The “Reebok” is derived from the Afrikaans word for a type of African antelope that symbolizes speed and agility.

Besides being a subsidiary company of Adidas, Reebok itself become one of the famous sports brands not only in India but all over the world.

Sports Equipment

Reebok company is mainly famous for its Footwear that is designed in such a way which enhances performance and comfort.

They have a wide variety of shoes for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Reebok is also a manufacturer of different types of fitness equipment like weights, resistance bands, yoga mats gym accessories etc.

Their collaboration with CrossFit is widely popular, they produce a line of gear and shoes together for the athletes and sports enthusiasts.

The brand Reebok got global recognition when it introduced its Classis leather sneaker in the 1980s.

Reebok has collaboration with many sports personalities and sports teams such as we have seen the logo of Reebok on Indian cricket dugout jerseys.

The company is involved in promoting the sports culture in backward areas of India with initiatives like “Reebok UnRest” which focuses on identifying young talent and giving them the opportunity to showcase it.

Reebok also has a wide customer range their products are being purchased by athletes, sports and fitness enthusiasts. 

4) Puma


Puma is a global sportswear and athletic footwear company. It has a significant dominance in the Indian market.

Because of its unique style and designs Puma has become the leading player in India’s sports and fashion industry. It has a comprehensive range of sports equipment and products that enhance the lifestyle of Indian athletes.

Puma was founded in the year 1948 in Germany, Puma has an iconic logo of a cat and its name is an acronym for “Pumacher Brothers” which is the last of the founders.

Through their innovative products like the Puma Suede and Puma King football boot, Puma has a distinct impact on the sports and fashion industry.

Sports Equipment

Puma company is primarily famous for its athletic footwear that comes with striking designs and high-performance features.

Its Running shoes come with responsive cushioning and soccer cleats designed for agility. Puma offers a wide array of alternatives for athletes.

Sports accessories of Puma include sports bags, backpacks, caps, socks and sunglasses.

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The Puma company has a significant impact on the sports and fashion industry of India.

Puma has done many sponsorships with Indian athletes and teams that include Indian cricket players, football clubs and Olympians.

Puma is also involved in the development programs like “PUMA Hoops”, promoting Basketball and “PUMA Athletes Kits

The young youth is very fascinated about wearing branded sports accessories and equipment, Puma is one of them that provides people with the best quality equipment.

5) Cosco


Cosco is a very popular name among the sports enthusiasts of India, Cosco is known for its high-quality sports equipment and was an important part of India’s sports.

Cosco has a diverse range of sports equipment which earned him a reputation among the athletes and sports players.

The Cosco company is a subsidiary of the international sports equipment manufacturer Cosco Group.

Cosco company has its origin in Pakistan in the 1980s but over the years it become a household name.

Sports Equipment

Coso has a wide range of sports equipment and accessories for sports players.

  • Tennis: Cosco is a very famous company for making tennis equipment like tennis rackets, tennis balls and other accessories. Cosco played an important role in promoting Tennis in India
  • Basketball: The basketballs of Cosco are widely used in schools, colleges and professional leagues in India.
  • Cricket: Cosco also makes cricket balls, cricket bats and other cricket gear, its cricket balls are mostly used in local and domestic leagues.
  • Badminton: Cosco makes badminton rackets, shuttlecocks and other accessories. Cosco’s badminton equipment is popular among budding players.
  • Table Tennis: Cosco makes Table tennis tables, rackets, and balls.

Cosco provides various sponsorships for sporting events and tournaments in India, which support the development of sports.

In India, Cosco’s equipment is widely used at local and domestic match levels and its products are very famous among youths.

Cosco has earned the trust of many Indian athletes and sports players by providing quality equipment. Coso’s wide range of products satisfy the need of every sports enthusiast.

6) Nivia


Nivia is a well-established sports equipment company in India that offers a wide range of sports equipment to its customers.

It is a very trusted sports equipment manufacturer in India and has played an important role in promoting sports in Indian societies.

Nivia was founded in the year 1934, it has its headquarters in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. Nivia was founded by Nihal Chand Kharabanda, Rajesh Kharabanda (Managing Director 1940-2017) and Rajesh Kharabanda (Managing Director)

Sports Equipment

The company Nivia offers a wide range of sports equipment to players they are as follows:

  • Football: Nivia is very famous for its footballs, they also produce goalposts and football accessories. Nivia’s footballs are widely used in schools, colleges and also in domestic football leagues.
  • Volleyball: Nivia manufactures Volleyball, net systems and other volleyball accessories as well.
  • Badminton: The company also provides Badminton rackets, shuttlecocks and other badminton products.
  • Fitness Equipment: Nivia offers fitness equipment like yoga mats, gym balls, resistance bands etc.

Nivia also provides balls for other sports like Basketballs, handballs and Netballs.

Nivia is one of the famous sports equipment companies of India which has a big part of the market share in India.

Nivia also organises various sports development programs to encourage youth to participate in sports.

They promote fitness culture in India so that every Indian should be fit and fine, they encourage a fitness-oriented lifestyle so that people can start working on their fitness journey.

Nivia has a wide range of products so that their customers can satisfy the need for any sports equipment.

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7) Sareen Sports

Sareen Sports

Sareen Sports is popular for its shortcut name SS. Sareen Sports is a very famous sports equipment brand in India which offers its products in different sports.

Sareen Sports was founded in the year 1969 by N.K Sareen and DEsh R. Sareen. The company has its headquarters in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

SS due to its high-quality products gradually became a prominent name in the field of manufacturing sports equipment. Sareen Sports is not only famous in India for its sports equipment but all over the world.

They provide sports equipment both nationally and internationally. 

Sports Equipment

Sareen Sports provides various types of sports equipment, they are:

  • Cricket: Sareen Sports is primarily popular for its cricket equipment which includes cricket bats, cricket balls, protective gear and other accessories.
  • Hockey: SS produces hockey sticks as well they also provide other equipment of hockey.
  • Boxing: The company manufactures boxing gloves, punching bags and also other boxing gear.

Sareen Sports also provides sports equipment for sports like soccer, rugby and basketball.

Sareen Sports has played an important role in shaping the sports culture in India.

SS provides sponsorships for cricket players, hockey players and other sports players by providing them with high-quality equipment.

The company also organises many sports events and leagues that contribute to the growth of sports in India.

Sareen Sports (SS) is being trusted by many people because of their high-quality gear for all sports, their future in India also looks promising.

In India, SS is recognised as the symbol of excellence in sports equipment manufacturing, with their quality they earned the trust of many athletes as well as the emerging stars of India.

Their comprehensive range of sports equipment is designed to meet the requirements of every customer.

8) Shiv Naresh

Shiv Naresh

Shiv Naresh is a name which is deeply engaged in the sports equipment manufacturing industry. They have a massive reputation because of their high-quality work.

Shiv Naresh was founded in 1987 by RK Singh and his son Mr. Shiv Singh. They have their headquarters in Delhi, India.

Shiv Naresh is a sports equipment manufacturing company which is highly dedicated to producing the best products for its customers.

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Sports Equipment

Shiv Naresh is popular for producing Athletics tracksuits which are made of high-quality fabric and tailored for players in different sports.

Shiv Naresh manufactures cricket gear as well they produce cricket bats, cricket balls and other equipment as well.

Badminton and Tennis rackets were also manufactured by Shiv Naresh company.

Shiv Naresh is a very renowned company and famous for producing high-quality materials.

They are also engaged in the initiatives of the development of young talent in India and promoting sports culture all over India.

Shiv Naresh plays an important role in promoting sports at ground level in India.

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