The Evolution of IPL Prize Money: From Simple Beginnings to Extravagant Rewards

With its thrilling matches and all-star lineups, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has become the most prestigious domestic T20 cricket competition in the world. 

The IPL champions also receive sizeable financial rewards in addition to the coveted trophy, which has great symbolic value. The IPL’s prize money has increased significantly over the years, reflecting the league’s rising popularity and monetary success. 

Indian Premier League (IPL) prize money

This blog explores into the evolution of IPL prize money from its inception in 2008 to the most recent season in 2023.

IPL Prize Money from 2008 to 2022:

YearWinnersRunners-up3rd Place4th Place
2008Rs 4.8 croreRs 2.4 croreRs 1.2 croreRs 1.2 crore
2009Rs 4.8 croreRs 2.4 croreRs 1.2 croreRs 1.2 crore
2010Rs 10 croreRs 5 croreN/AN/A
2011Rs 10 croreRs 5 croreN/AN/A
2012Rs 10 croreRs 5 croreN/AN/A
2013Rs 10 croreRs 5 croreN/AN/A
2014Rs 15 croreRs 10 croreN/AN/A
2015Rs 15 croreRs 10 croreN/AN/A
2016Rs 20 croreRs 11 croreN/AN/A
2017Rs 20 croreRs 11 croreN/AN/A
2018Rs 20 croreRs 12.5 croreN/AN/A
2019Rs 20 croreRs 12.5 croreRs 8.75 croreRs 8.75 crore
2020Rs 10 croreRs 6.25 croreRs 4.3 croreRs 4.3 crore
2021Rs 20 croreRs 12.5 croreRs 8.75 croreRs 8.75 crore
2022Rs 20 croreRs 13 croreRs 7 croreRs 6.5 crore

The Early Years (2008-2009):

When the IPL first began, the prize money was not very large. In the inaugural season in 2008, the winning team received a prize of Rs 4.8 crore, while the losing team was awarded Rs 2.4 crore. Each of the third and fourth-place teams received Rs 1.2 crore. 

Growth and Recognition (2010-2013):

As the IPL grew in popularity and recognition as a premier cricket competition, the prize money increased significantly. In 2010, the prize for the winners was increased to Rs 10 crore, and Rs 5 crore was awarded to the runners-up.

This growth continued into the 2013 season, highlighting the IPL’s growing notoriety and financial success.

Rising Stakes (2014-2015):

The prize money increased significantly in 2014 and 2015, raising the stakes for IPL teams even higher. The winning franchise received a handsome reward of Rs 15 crore, a substantial increase of Rs 5 crore over the previous seasons.

Similar awards of Rs 10 crore were given to the runners-up, demonstrating the tournament’s growing financial benefits and fiercer competition.

Record-Breaking Rewards (2016-2018):

The prize money increased dramatically between 2016 and 2018 in an effort to maintain the IPL’s unmatched reputation and draw the best talent from around the world. A record-breaking Rs 20 crore in prize money was given to the winners, breaking previous IPL payout records.

The amount awarded to the runners-up increased as well, from Rs 11 crore in 2016 and 2017 to Rs 12.5 crore in 2018. These staggering sums highlighted the league’s ambition to dominate domestic T20 cricket.

Consolidation and Adapting to Challenges (2019-2020):

The prize money remained the same in 2019, with the winners receiving Rs 20 crore and the runners-up receiving Rs 12.5 crore. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic spread around the world in 2020, unexpected events loomed. As a result, the IPL’s prize pool was smaller.

The winners received Rs 10 crore, a sum last given to winners in 2013, while the runners-up received Rs 6.25 crore. The league made an effort to adjust to the difficult circumstances, as evidenced by the third- and fourth-placed teams receiving Rs 4.3 crore each.

Resilience and Consistency (2021-2022):

The IPL was able to regain its former glory in 2021 despite the pandemic’s obstacles. The winners received Rs 20 crore in prize money, while the runners-up received Rs 12.5 crore.

The third- and fourth-placed teams each received Rs 8.75 crore, demonstrating the IPL’s dedication to upholding an equitable compensation structure.

Looking Ahead to IPL 2023:

The prize money for the IPL 2023 final between the Chennai Super Kings and the Gujarat Titans is still unknown.

According to media reports, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is likely to increase monetary rewards. Given the league’s ongoing expansion and increasing popularity, another significant increase in prize money would not be surprising.

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The IPL has grown into a global sporting phenomenon, enthralling millions of fans and rewarding participants lavishly.

The IPL’s evolution reflects its soaring popularity and financial success, from its humble beginnings in 2008, when prize money was relatively modest, to the grand sums witnessed in recent years. 

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