New Fantasy Apps to Play in 2023

Many cricket-related activities have gained popularity and momentum in the past few years. A fine example of such a fan-favorite activity is indulging in fantasy cricket games online. Fantasy cricket games allow fans to create virtual teams of real professional players. Moreover, they also involve predicting the outcome of real-life cricket matches. 

New Fantasy Apps to Play in 2023

The best part about such games is that they offer players a chance to win exciting rewards, including real money. This aspect makes them an absolute fan-favorite. Sadly, most fantasy cricket games offer the same monotonous experience to fans, which makes them lose interest after a while, and they tend to switch to another game that offers them a refreshing and immersive experience. 

Fortunately, the new cricket fantasy applications that are coming out these days are more innovative and competent than older ones. This article will cover some of the best new fantasy cricket applications enthusiasts should check out.

Let us dive right into it:


When talking about new fantasy cricket applications that offer players a refined experience, it would be unfair not to mention FanCraze. The new fantasy cricket application is a highly-renowned and credible destination to indulge in fantasy games. With partners like ICC, Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Capitals, etc., FanCraze guarantees players a genuine experience. 

Besides merely featuring the option to create teams and predict outcomes, FanCraze packs multiple exciting in-game features that make it a solid fantasy gaming app. The game combines innovative elements like collectibles, utilities, and real-world experiences to offer players an exceptional fantasy gaming experience. 

The app has multiple game modes, which further enhance the gameplay experience of players. The Flash game mode is a fine example of this. It requires a combination of strategy and skill. Moreover, fans can play it all year long. 

Striker Club

Another best new fantasy cricket app that offers players a unique fantasy cricket experience is Striker Club. With over 1 lakh daily users and over 10 lakh downloads, the new fantasy cricket app’s statistics speak for the game’s authenticity. What sets the app apart from the other generic fantasy cricket games or apps is its unique in-game features, game modes, and the methods of earning money it offers. 

For starters, instead of generic player identities, the game features player cards, which users need to create virtual teams. Instead of creating a full-fledged team of 11 players, users need to make teams consisting of 5 players. In terms of game modes, the Fantasy and the Mini Fantasy game modes offer players a refined experience. 

The former involves creating virtual teams using different tiers of player cards, whereas the latter requires players to answer questions or predict answers to win games. In terms of rewards, players can add to their earnings in multiple ways. For starters, they can make correct predictions and create top-notch teams to win rewards. Besides this, they can also sell player cards in the in-game marketplace to earn money.  


Thanks to the immense demand for fantasy games, many new fantasy cricket apps debut daily. However, most do not have all the right gameplay or security features to attract enthusiasts. However, this is not the case with Life11. The new fantasy cricket app checks all the right boxes, which is why it is used by tons of players daily to indulge in fantasy cricket games. 

For starters, the game allows players to win real money daily by making predictions and creating teams. The daily leaderboards option of the app allows users to track their progress and determine whether their fantasy cricket skills have improved. 

Users can easily earn rewards by making stellar virtual teams and correct predictions. Besides this, they can also earn money by referring the game to their friends by sharing its link and providing them with a unique invite code. 


CrickPe is another new fantasy cricket app that has been gaining momentum due to all the right reasons. Backed by the famous ex-Shark Ashneer Grover, the CrickPe app allows fantasy cricket enthusiasts to have an exciting gaming experience. To get started, enthusiasts simply need to download the app, register on the platform, select the match, and join contests. 

Besides this, the CrickPe app also allows users to play online cricket with their friends. To do so, users simply need to invite their friends to the contest they wish to participate in. Different types of contests exist in the app, namely public, private, or mega contests. The popular app follows a solid points system, which further adds to the virtual gaming experience of players. 

Kubera Fantasy

The Kubera Fantasy application is a new-age fantasy gaming application that allows fans to have a unique experience seamlessly. The app has been downloaded more than 20 lakh times, which is one of the many signs of it being a genuine offering. It is India’s first comparative fantasy sports game, which makes it even more interesting.

Getting started with the Kubera Fantasy application is very easy after downloading it. All users need to do is select an upcoming real-life match, create a team of players who, according to them, will shine in the upcoming match, and join a contest to earn rewards. All in all, Kubera Fantasy is a solid new fantasy app that enthusiasts must check out. 


Any individual who wishes to experience fantasy cricket in the most authentic yet unique way should install and check out the aforementioned new fantasy cricket apps.

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