Hello cricket fans, Hope you guys are doing good and Welcome back to another blog post of bestfantasyapps. Hope you guys are liking our fantasy app reviews and prediction and today we’ll talk about Top 10 BEST WICKET KEEPERS IN THE WORLD.

Wicket-keeping is an art and many few cricketers have made an impact of brilliant wicketkeeping in the cricket history.


It’ of the underrated yet crucial aspect of team because if you have a quick keeper then it can be beneficial in many stump outs, catches etc. and sometimes could be lethal for opponents.

In this post we’ll discuss about best wicketkeeper in cricket history of all time.
In this post we’ll tell you about some best wicketkeeper in the world, top 10 wicketkeepers in cricket history.


Here is the list of top 10 best wicketkeepers in the world and still there is no one near these legends.

10. Quinton de Kock

South African batsmen and wicketkeeper Quinton de Kock is a another rising star in the league of wicketkeeper and he already got recognition in cricket history with his wicketkeeping skills.

Quinton de Kock

He had done total 184 dismissals in ODI in just 127 matches. The Left-handed batsman score plenty of runs whether it’s T20, ODI or longest for of cricket i.e Test. He has been awarded with Cricketer of the Year at Cricket South Africa’s 2017 Annual Awards.

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9. Moin Khan

Pakistan’s former cricketer Moin Khan is one of the top 10 best wicketkeeper in world. He also led Pakistan cricket team in some matches and was a passionate batsmen of the team.

Moin Khan

He played very crucial role in the winning of Pakistan’s World Cup in 1992. In the span of 14 years of his cricketing career, he dismissed over 250+ batsmen in ODI and always considered as one of the best wicketkeepers.

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8. Brendon McCullam

Hard hitting batsmen and fabulous fielder Brendon McCullam is a NewZealand Cricketer and one of the top wicketkeepers in the world. McCullam is a right handed batsmen and also captained the national team of Newzealand cricket in all formats.

Brendon McCullam

He is truly a greatest cricketer of all time. He is pretty impressive on the field with his fielding and wicketkeeping and especially his dives are phenomenal.

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7. Ian Healy

Ian Healy is profession cricketer from Australia and considered as one of the best wicketkeeper in cricket. He is the 3rd most successful wicketkeeper in Test cricket and has a pretty good stats in ODI too.

Ian Healy

Ian Healy is pretty dangerous behind the wickets and his role in the team was very crucial that time.

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6. Jos Buttler

Joseph Buttler is an English cricketer who is the current vice-captain of the England Cricket team in ODI and T20’s. Despite as a wicketkeeper, He established himself as a successful batsmen in England cricket team and recognised as one of the best batsmen in current cricket time.

Jos Buttler

Jos Buttler’s extraordinary wicketkeeping skills makes him key asset for his team and his capabilty of hard hitting is somewhat makes him superior than other players.

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5. Brad Haddin

Former Australian cricketer Bradley Haddin is one of the best wicketkeeper out there. The Right-handed batsmen has turned out to be one of the best batsmen for Australia and his incredible knocks with astonish wicketkeeping skills sometimes turned out lethal for the opponents.

Brad Haddin

Haddin was quite impressive behind the wickets and his stupendous catches makes him one of the greatest wicketkeeper in cricket history.

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4. Mark Boucher

Mark Boucher is a former South African cricketer and a wonderful wicketkeeper and holds the record of highest number of dismissals in test cricket. He is a right handed batsmen and a very effective cricket player for his team.

He served almost 15 years in cricket for the South Africa and made South Africa one of the greatest team of all time.

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3. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Regarded as the quickest hands in history of cricket, Mahendra Singh Dhoni aka “MSD” is one of the finest and best wicketkeeper in the history and truly India is blessed to have such a tremendous wicketkeeper and great Captain like Dhoni.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Not only as wicketkeeper, MS also established himself as one of the successful batsman and a finisher. His incredible knock of 91 runs in 2011 helped india lift the trophy in Finals against Sri Lanka of ODI World Cup.

He alo holds the record of fastest stumping in cricket which is 0.08 seconds. He stumped Keemo Paul in an ODI match in 2018.

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2. Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar Sangakkara is one of the best wicketkeeper in the world. He is a Sri Lankan professional cricketer and a wonderful batsman. He is also grabbed his position as 2nd highest run scorer in cricket after Sachin Tendulkar.

Kumar Sangakkara

He is Left handed batsmen and along with his fabulous wicket keeping skills and he has the highest number of dismissals as a wicketkeeper.

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1. Adam Gilchrist

It’s quite difficult for us to choose the number 1 wicketkeeper for us because every players is on another level. Adam Gilchrist aka “Gilly” is an former Australian professional cricketer.

Adam Gilchrist is the best wicketkeeper of all time although he played less matches compared to other players who are in top position but he got 2nd highest dismissals while wicket-keeping which makes him often the best and dangerous wicketkeeper in cricket history of all time.

This top notch australian batsman-wicketkeeper is one of the greatest wicketkeeper in the cricket history and a key asset during prime Australian cricket.

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Final Conclusion

That’s it for today guys, We have listed top 10 best wicketkeepers in the world. Keep visiting us for daily new cricket facts and hope you guys are earning well in fantasy cricket with our daily prediction teams.

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