Top 10 World Best Fielder In Cricket

World best fielder in Cricket: Hello guys Welcome back to another blog post of best fantasy app . Since cricket is back in it’s original momentum and various indigenous leagues like IPL, PSL, BBL etc. are commencing as per the schedule and it’s something really exciting from cricket fans over the world.

We have witnessed amazing cricket from past few decades and one of the major aspects in cricket is fielding. We have seen many fielders catching balls impossibly.

Today same, we’ll talk about Top 10 world best fielder in Cricket history and the fans of these cricketers are literally all over the world and other players in the cricket world too admire their fielding & quick responses on the ground.

world best fielder in Cricket

Top 10 world best fielder in Cricket:

We have seen many mind blowing act of fielding in cricket history, Let’s have a look at world best fielder in cricket history till date.

10. Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting, definitely one of the successful captain in cricket history and led the Australian cricket team in it’s golden era. Ponting was one of great batsmen and cricketer of all time and also made his name in the list of world best fielder.

He was best in the 2nd or 3rd slip and caught astonish catches in the game and a efficient fielder in 30 yards circle. Currently he is Australian cricket coach and a commentator.

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9. Brendon McCullam

Brendon McCullam is professional New Zealand national cricketer and known for his hitting ability and scoring runs but he is one of the best fielder in cricket till date and the way he dives to stop balls is brilliant.

His fielding acts around the boundary line is dazzling and he mastered in the outside region of 30 yards. He considered as a superman at the boundary of the ground because it’s almost impossible for the ball to surpass McCullam hands.

8. Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina also grabbed a spot in the list of world best fielder in cricket. There was a time when indian team generally focus on batting and bowling didn’t put attention to fielding.

Then Suresh Raina came up with his extraordinary fielding skills along with his stupendous batting and bowling and till now he is regarded as one of the best all-rounders of India and many new-age cricketers took inspiration from his fielding skills.

7. Glenn Maxwell

Glenn Maxwell is one of the world best fielder and he generally field withing 30 yards circle. No doubt, he is one of the most dangerous batsmen in the world but his ability of all-rounder performance in team is absolutely impressive.

He saved many games with his fielding and impressive catches and runouts to break partnerships in the game.

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6. Faf du Plessis

Faf du plessis is a South African professional cricketer and well known for his consistent batting and scoring runs and he is one of the versatile fielders in the cricket. He grabbed plenty of stunning catches in slips and within 30 yard circle.

We often seen him taking amazing catches in IPL and obviously who forgets his consistent abilty of scoring runs which played major role of victory for CSK in IPL 2021.

5. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is another name in the cricket world known to everyone, not only best batsmen he is also known for his fielding acts in the field and one of the best fielder in the cricket game.

A ball is definitely in one of the safest hands when dropped near Virat Kohli. Quick hits on the wickets within 30 yards or outside from the 30 yards is a speciality of this fielder and King Kohli is one of the quick fielders in the current cricket.

4. Paul Collingwood

Paul Collingwood is a former English Cricketer and played many matches for England internationally. He is one of the best fielder in cricket and absolutely magnificent fielder in slips.

He is tall guy and have big hands which assisted him to take unbelievable stunning catches at the slips. He also led England cricket team internationally and won several matches.

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3. AB de Villiers

This guy is always find his space in top 10 cricketers of all time in cricket history. Doesn’t matter whether you are considering best fielders, best batsmen or anything else AB de Villiers is always there and that’s how much he is capable off.

Also known as Mr 360° , de Villiers is a amazing fielder and he’s regarded as one of the best fielder in world. He took many stunning catches over the field and amazed his audience.

2. Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja is an Indian professional cricketer and currently regarded as the best best fielder in cricket. He never failed to amaze the audience with his quick throws that leads to dismissals, amazing catches and stupendous dives.

He is like a beast in 30 yard circle and done many match-saving dismissals with his quick hands. No matter whether it’s fielding, batting or bowling Jadeja is best in every role and that’s why he has a status of  “SIR” before his name in the cricket world.

1. Jonty Rhodes

Jonty Rhodes is a South African professional cricketer and during his career he had done many dismissal and grabbed unbelievable catches on the field.
When it comes to fielding, Jonty Rhodes is the most popular name and considered as world best fielder in cricket.

There was a time when batsmen used to fear to hit ball in Jonty’s position because he made that much of impact in the cricket world. He is absolutely an epitome of best fielder in the world.

That’s it guys ,their are many talented fielder in cricket and many more to come in upcoming years. We are watching every one till then you have any cricketer in watch let’s know we will update in World Best Fielder In Cricket list.

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