Top 8 teams with most 200 plus scores in IPL: Teams with 200+ Scores

CSK, an IPL powerhouse, flaunts a formidable batting lineup with stars like Raina, Dhoni, Hayden, Hussey, McCullum, and Morkel. They've crossed 200 runs in 28 matches.

"Unluckily, "Royal Challenger Bangalore" epitomizes fate. Despite 24 scores of 200+ and two 200-run games, they lack an IPL trophy. Their 263/5 in 2013 remains the highest in IPL history."

Mumbai Indians, a 5-time IPL champ, ranks third with 22 200+ scores. Despite current challenges, they remain one of the league's greatest teams.

KXIP peaked in 2014 with a strong lineup but never won IPL despite high scores (21 times over 200) under various captains.

KKR peaked in 2012 with a strong lineup but never secured an IPL title despite consistent high scores (19 times over 200).

Rajasthan Royals, strong in 2008, never clinched an IPL title despite frequent 200+ scores (18 times) with different captains.

Sunrisers Hyderabad won the 2016 ipl when they have their best IPL Linup. They hit 15 times 200 plus Scores.

Delhi Capitals never won their IPL title, despite they made 15 times 200 plu scores in IPL. But They have a strong team line up.

Highest Team Scores of All Time in IPL (2008 – 2023)