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Are you a cricket fan looking for a new way to engage with the sport and its players? Look no further than Rario, the world’s first officially licensed Cricket player cards platform.

Rario offers fans the opportunity to purchase, sell, and trade officially licensed player cards of their cricketing heroes, As well as a digital destination for fans to own a piece of their favorite cricketing moments.

PLAY FANTASY cricket ON Rario

Rario has evolved from just being a marketplace for cricket enthusiasts to purchase and trade official player cards to now incorporating a new dimension with the integration of Player Card NFTs.

This allows fans to not only collect their favourite moments but also engage in a strategic cricket game, where they can compete against one another using their NFTs.

What is Rario app? 

Rario is a revolutionary platform funded by dream11 that has redefined the way cricket fans around the world interact with their favourite sport and its players.

As the world’s first officially licensed Cricket player cards platform, Rario offers cricket enthusiasts the opportunity to purchase, sell, and trade officially licensed player cards of their cricketing heroes.

Rario is more than just a platform for buying and selling player cards, it is a digital habitat for cricket fans.

It is a place where fans can connect with one another, share their passion for the sport, and engage in discussions about their favourite players and teams.

Rario also offers a wealth of information about the sport, including stats, news, and updates.

Rario is a game-changer for cricket fans everywhere. It offers a unique and exciting way to engage with the sport and its players, and it has something to offer for fans of all ages and levels of interest. Whether you are a casual fan or a die-hard 

enthusiast, Rario is the ultimate destination for all things cricket. It is a one-stop shop for everything cricket-related, making it the ultimate destination for cricket fans around the world.

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How to sign up on Rario?

  • To get started with Rario and D3, you first need to visit Rario and sign up for an account. 
  • After completing the registration process, you will need to go to download apk and register again using the same phone number as the one you used to register on 
  • This will ensure that your account on both Rario and D3 are linked, and you will have access to all the features of D3. 
  • Once you have completed the registration process, you can then join free leagues on D3 and begin participating in matches. 

Remember that you need to have at least three players from each team to join a league. If you don’t have enough players, you can buy a new pack or go to the Marketplace to buy players.

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How to play Rario game? 

Building teams and participating in a virtual cricket league is an exciting way to engage with other members and showcase your cricket knowledge.

The league allows you to use your card collection to enter stat battles with other members, providing a unique and interactive experience.

Buy Player Cards & Join Contest is simple rule to play On Rario.

Team BFA

By predicting the winner, you have the opportunity to win big yourself. Not only do you get to test your skills against other cricket enthusiasts, but you also have the chance to win prizes and accolades.

To participate in a league, a minimum of three players must be chosen from each team involved in the match. If the required number of players is not met, additional players can be obtained through buying packs or searching the marketplace. 


The point system employed is comparable to Dream11, where older cards possess higher XP and result in a greater number of points. Additionally, cards with older XP also tend to hold greater value among collectors and traders.

rario Player Card trick

It’s important to note that the XP of the card is not related to the performance of the player in real life but it’s a way to determine the age of the card.

The virtual cricket league also allows for the opportunity to connect with other cricket enthusiasts and share your passion for the sport. Whether you’re a casual fan or a die-hard follower, the league offers a fun and engaging way to experience the game in a new and exciting way.

So why wait? Get started building your team and participating in the virtual cricket league today!

Steps To Play On D3 Club In Rario Platform :

  • Go to D3.CLUB platform by clicking the below link.
  • Now log in with your Mobile number and email ID.
  • Verify With OTP to continue.
  • Now You will see all upcoming matches.
Play Fantasy Cricket Rario
  • Select the match in which you want to play.
How to join contest on rario d3
  • Select Three Players (You need Three Cards).
Join Rario Team preview
  • Make them Caption and hit the Join Contest Button.
  • Bingo! You joined the Contest successfully.
  • Now wait for the original match to start & your selected players (Proxy players) start getting points.
  • When the match finishes if your team points maximum you will be a winner.
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Rario Refer & Earn Program 

Rario also offers a referral program where you can earn rewards by sharing your referral link with friends. Here’s how it works:

Rario refer & earn

Step 1: Share your referral link with a friend. This link is unique to you and can be found in your Rario account.

Step 2: Once your friend signs up on Rario using your referral link and verifies their phone number, they will receive a $10 Rario Bonus as a reward. This is a great way for your friend to get started on the platform and explore the available player cards.

Step 3: Once your friend completes their first pack purchase, you will also receive a $10 Rario Bonus as a reward. This creates a mutually beneficial situation for both you and your friend. With this referral program, you both can earn rewards and build your collections of cricket player cards.

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Final Thoughts 

Playing Rario not only gives you the chance to win cash rewards, but also offers the opportunity to experience the excitement of the game like never before. 

From VIP match tickets to commentary box access and meet-n-greet with top stars, Rario provides a unique and thrilling way to engage with the sport and its biggest stars. So why wait? Sign up for Rario and experience the thrill of winning cash rewards and exclusive fan experiences today.

FAQs Of Rario Fantasy Platform:

What How to play D3 Rario?

To participate in Rario, start by visiting the website and selecting a pack of players. Once you have your player pool, choose a live match and create a team of 3 players, making sure to include at least one player from both competing teams. As you build your team, keep in mind that the captain of the team will earn double points, so choose wisely. 

What is D3 Rario game?

D3 is also a part of Rario but has a separate website for it. The players you buy from Rario can be used by going to the D3 website and can earn money by joining free leagues.

How to buy and sell cards?

Cards can be acquired through two methods, buying packs in Rario or browsing the Rario Marketplace. While packs offer randomized cards, the marketplace allows for specific card purchases.

What is Cricket NFT ?

Cricket NFTs are physical cricket player cards that can be purchased and traded using blockchain technology, similar to NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) which also use blockchain technology.

How do I use my Rario bonus?

To use your Rario bonus, visit the Rario platform, log in to your account, and navigate to the “My Account” or “Bonus” section, where you can apply your bonus towards purchases or activities on the platform.

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